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Are you looking for a new and rewarding career path without years of commitment and the student loans that come with a traditional college degree?

Nearly everything that touches your life has traveled to your local stores on a truck, from food to medications, to home goods, even your car! Right now there is a driver shortage in the trucking industry in the United States, with an estimated 80,000+ drivers needed ASAP. In less than ten years this number is more than expected to double to more than 160,000.

Big Rig Driving Academy is training our graduates to drive, not just pass the DMV test. Our mission is to produce road-ready drivers equipped with the knowledge and skills to keep our loads moving and our roads safe for our families.


  • The career path for CDL A is bright! The average entry level CDL A truck driver makes $28+ per hour with experienced drivers making $40+ per hour.
  • A CDL A license gives you the most opportunities - graduates can drive for a local employer, regionally, or nationally with an “over-the-road” carrier driving CDL Class A or CDL Class B.
  • With our schedule flexibility and quick start times you can finish a 160 Hour Program at Big Rig Driving Academy in as little as one month.

Big Rig Driving Academy Offers

  • Flexible scheduling, small classroom groups, and one-on-one pre-trip, maneuvers, and road training.
  • Driver fundamentals not tested by the DMV test including hands- on drop and hook training and introduction to hours of service, critical skills used daily by every successful driver.
  • Self-paced FMCSA required Entry Level Driver Training and HazMat certification.
  • DMV permit classes and comprehensive study guide built off the DMV manual to help you pass.
  • Modern technology including tablets, computer stations, and a driving simulator to practice without distractions in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • A top-notch pre-trip program with a professionally filmed video, dedicated pre-trip equipment, and a unique cab-off station allowing you access to see and touch the frame and components to really learn the critical air brake system.
  • Training on newer, well maintained Automatic or Manual transmission equipment.
  • On-site DMV testing at the end of your program on the equipment you are trained on.

Training as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Follow our simple steps to earn your CDL-A license.
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Step 1

Apply for Big Rig today

Put in your application today right here on our website. One of our recruiters will get back to you as soon as possible to follow up with more information and get you ready to start your CDL-A training!

Step 2


Once we can get everything set we will start you at our Orientation in North Haven, CT. Our orientation allows you to gain more knowledge about our course program while meeting other peers who are also in the same field.

Step 3

Start Your Classes

Big Rig will work around your availability to make your class schedule. Our instructors are well experienced and excited to teach. We promise small class sizes to allow for a more personal learning experience.

Step 4

Get on the Road!

After completing Big Rig’s classroom training and practicing on our state-of-the-art driving simulators you’ll be on the road 1-on-1 with an instructor. This road practice is crucial for your learning and making sure you will be safe on the road!

Step 5

Pass your CDL-A Exam

Big Rig’s promise is that we will do everything possible to properly prepare all of our students to pass the Connecticut state CDL exam. After our students pass their CDL-A, they are ready to start their own personal truck driving journey.

Apply Today!

    What others are saying

    Bozzuto’s for me has been a foundational building block and stepping stone in my career as a professional driver. The time and effort from the Bozzuto’s Driver Training group allowed me and my fellow drivers to be the best we could be. Care, consideration for the individual and providing a family-like atmosphere has given me a place to call home.”
    - Marcus Aiken - Driver Trainer